Wildland Management Services LLC

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Service List

 Wetland and Stream Mitigation Consulting

 Mitigation Site Assessment

 Site Restoration and Enhancement Planning/Monitoring/Supervision

 Watershed Assessment

 Wetland Delineation

 Regulatory Representation

 Botanical Surveys

 Endangered & Threatened Species Surveys

 Invasive Species Monitoring and Control

 Surface Water Testing


Environmental Services

 Silvicultural Services

 Timber Management and Planning

 Forest Inventory and Mapping

 Timber & Harvest Boundary Marking

 Timber Marketing

 Harvest Supervision

 Forestry Best Management Practices Assessment

 Natural Regeneration Planning

 Site Preparation (subcontract)

 Prescribed Burning

 Tree Planting (subcontract)

 Wildlife Habitat Improvement

 Pine Straw Development & Marketing

 ISO 14001/SFI Consulting

 Arboricultural Services

 Tree Ordinance Representation

Forestry Services

 Real Estate Searches and Marketing

 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

 Baseline Documentation Reporting

 Conservation Easement Monitoring


 Forest Road/Trail Planning and Construction Supervision

 Boundary Line Maintenance



Land Services

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